JAPM, May 2015, Volume 2 Issue 3, Page 117-174
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Original Articles

Safety and Effectiveness of Reduced Red Blood Cells Consumption in Spine Surgery under the Guidance of West China Perioperative Transfusion Score (WCPTS): A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Trial
Ren Liao, Hao-Rui Sun, Jin Liu, Shi-Mei Huai, and Hong Zheng
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2015;2(3):117-125. https://doi.org/10.24015/ebcmed.japm.2015.0017
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2015.0017

Effects of Sevoflurane and Propofol on Intestinal Ischemic Reperfusion Injury in Patients Undergoing Elective Open Infrarenal Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Cai Li, Wu Yan, Jian-Tong Shen, Shi-Hong Wen, and Ke-Xuan Liu
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2015;2(3):126-135. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2015.0018
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2015.0018

NSC23766, A Specific Inhibitor of Rac1 GTPase, Attenuated Delayed Neuronal Cell Death and Cognitive Deficit in Rats with Cardiac Arrest
Juan Liao, Chang Xu, Chang Liu, Na Wang, Guo-Qing Huang, Chang-Sheng Huang, Zhi Ye, and Qu-Lian Guo
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2015;2(3):136-145. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2015.0019
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2015.0019

Effects of Mechanical Ventilation on Lung Grafts during Cold Ischemia Phase
Yue Wang, and Wen-Zhi Li
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2015;2(3):146-152. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2015.0020
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2015.0020

Sevoflurane, Laryngeal Mask Airway and Single-Dose Dexmedetomidine: A Better Choice for Patients Undergoing Endovascular Coil Embolization
Wen-Fei Tan, Yan-Hua Jiang, Hong Ma, and Jun-Ke Wang
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2015;2(3):153-157. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2015.0021
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2015.0021

Review Articles

Neuroprotective and Neurotoxic Properties of General Anesthetics: A Double-Edged Sword
Huafeng Wei, Alexander T. King, and Saadet Inan
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2015;2(3):158-166. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2015.0022
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2015.0022

Percutaneous Minimally Invasive Treatment for the Trigeminal Neuralgia: A Review
Xiang-Fei Guo, and Jun Ma
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2015;2(3):167-174. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2015.0023
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2015.0023

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