JAPM, November 2016, Volume 3 Issue 6, Page 233-284
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Ideal Airway Management: New Evidence and Strategies Are Still Needed
Fu-Shan Xue
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2016;3(6):233-235. https://doi.org/10.24015/ebcmed.japm.2016.0031
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2016.0031

Original Articles

GlideScope® Cobalt AVL Video Baton for Intubation in Infants Weighing Less Than 10 Kilograms
Patrick N. Olomu, Asif Khan, Jeffrey Steiner, Edgar Kiss, Roxana Ploski, and Peter Szmuk
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2016;3(6):236-240. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2016.0032
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2016.0032

Laryngeal Mask Airway Supreme in Children: A Retrospective Audit
Nobuyuki-Hai Tran, Patrick N. Olomu, Ashley Bocanegra, Asif Khan, John Cheyney, Alexandra Handy, and Peter Szmuk
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2016;3(6):241-246. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2016.0033
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2016.0033

Review Articles

Which Videolaryngoscope Should We Use in Airway Management?
André van Zundert, Cienwen Town, Lizanne Dagleish, and Heather Reynolds
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2016;3(6):247-257. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2016.0034
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2016.0034

Videolaryngoscopy Assisted Intubation — New Era for Airway Management
Fu-Shan Xue, Qian-Jin Liu, Hui-Xian Li, and Ya-Yang Liu
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2016;3(6):258-269. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2016.0035
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2016.0035

Airway Management of Patients with Ebola Virus Disease
Louise Ellard, and David T. Wong
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2016;3(6):270-275. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2016.0036
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2016.0036

Case Report

Unanticipated Difficult Nasal Intubation Due to a Prominent Anterior Tubercle of the First Cervical Spine
David Watton, and Orlando R. Hung
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2016;3(6):276-279. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2016.0037
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2016.0037

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