JAPM, September 2018, Volume 5 Issue 5, Page 231-274
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Original Articles

Simulation Wars: A Competition to Increase Participation in Emergency Manuals Simulation Training and a Novel Tool for Rating Simulation Competitions
Jeffrey Huang, Khoa Nguyen, Chunyuang Zhang, Wei Zheng, Zuhua Rao, Jian Ma, Yanwen Wu, Jinfan Liu, Mian Wu, Hui Zhong, and Zhuang Yu
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2018;5(5):231-241. https://doi.org/10.24015/ebcmed.japm.2018.0095
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2018.0095

Transversus Abdominis Plane Block for Postoperative Pain Relief after Abdominal Surgery
Yi Zhao, Jing Yan, and XiangDong Chen
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2018;5(5):242-246. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2018.0093
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2018.0093

Review Articles

Perioperative Anaphylaxis and Chronic Inflammatory Diseases: The Role of Mast Cells
Qin Zhou, Yiwei Wang, Qingqing Qian, Hongquan Dong, Bo Gui, and Yanning Qian
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2018;5(5):247-252. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2018.0090
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2018.0090

Routine Application of Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy in the Positioning of Double-Lumen Endobronchial Tube
Liu Zhang, Huiping Li, and Chaoran Wu
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2018;5(5):253-258. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2018.0091
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2018.0091

Role of Ultrasound in Pediatric Anesthesia
Pavithra Ranganathan, Matthew Ellison, Justin B. Lee, Manuel C. Vallejo, and Hong Wang
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2018;5(5):259-266. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2018.0094
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2018.0094

Case Report

Importance of Preoperative Evaluation in the Diagnosis of Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Malfunction in an Infant with Hydrocephalus
Qiong-Fang Wu, and Dong-Xin Wang
J Anesth Perioper Med. 2018;5(5):267-274. https://doi.org/10.24015/japm.2018.0092
EBCMED ID: ebcmed.japm.2018.0092